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I founded Bees Knees Plumbing in 2017 after working within the industry for several years doing alot of varied work in some very uncomfortable positions!
Why is it called Bees Knees? Well, quite simply, I have a love for all types of bees aswell as hands on experience, until I unwittingly had the mother of all anaphylactic shocks and almost met my maker. It was a fun experience, however, my mother does not agree!
A keen eye for detail, precision and quality work with ease of use and customer requirements in mind. A reliable workman with an emphasis on clean and simple work; or as simple as possible.

Bees Knees Plumbing offers a range of affordable plumbing solutions:
Leaky taps & traps. First & second fix. Radiator removal and replacement. Tap/toilet etc and even kitchen sink upgrades to a beautiful ceramic or resin sink aswell as emergency call out & repair.
A normal emergency plumber via your insurance will only turn your heating or mains water off and drain whatever is required. I on the otherhand will, if possible, repair there and then or cap off locally. Normally leaving you with some running water and most of your heating; depending what and where the problem is.
  • Rochester, England, United Kingdom